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1 a I ca n u se t h e r e la t ive a dve r bs w h e r e , w h e n , a n d w h y. Ca r d 1 Te st relat ive adverb- when relat ive clause- when t he sidewalk ends 1. See Rubric below for grading sent ence 2. Ca r d 2 relat ive adverb- where relat ive clause- where t he m at t ress is t he soft est See Rubric below for grading sent ence 3. 4. 5. Ca r d 3 relat ive adverb- why relat ive clause- why chocolat e ice cream is m y favorit e dessert See Rubric below for grading sent ence Ca r d 4 6. 7. 1 b,c I ca n for m a n d u se cor r e ct ve r b t e n se s.

What is the respelling for obsolete? _________________________________ What is the respelling for bungle? _________________________________ How many syllables are in the word obsolete? _________________________ How many syllables are in the word bungle? __________________________ What is the irst adjective deinition of obsolete? ________________________ What is the irst verb deinition of bungle? 4c I can use a dictionary to ind the pronunciation and deinition of a word. I can use a dictionary to ind the pronunciation and deinition of a word.

The four t iny brown m ice were able t o st eal cheese from t hose t wo enorm ous gray cat s. Ca r d 2 Te st I want four new orange pillows for m y huge wooden bed. 1. For m y birt hday, I want a shiny, new, blue bike wit h one green wooden basket t o st ore all of m y st uff. I saw t hree adorable round kit t ens in t he pet st ore window. On a windy day, Todd can fl y his t wo colorful plast ic kit es side by side wit h ot her newer wooden kit es. 2. Ca r d 3 3. The rust y, old, blue van was racing against t he m agnifi cent , new, m et allic convert ible.

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