5-minute Daily Practice: Vocabulary (Grades 4-8) by Kathleen Fitzgibbon

By Kathleen Fitzgibbon

Sixty four pages

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Circle the subject of this sentence. 5. Over the hills and far away lay a tiny town called Woodville. 16 Thursday Name: Write these sentences correctly. 1. air force. 2. Pacheco said we’ve got to find Marta’s keys, or shes’ going to be locked out. Circle the best word or words to complete this sentence. • Daily Language Review • EMC 2797 Daily Language Review WEEK 3. The 2:50 train is much than the 3:03 train because it makes more stops. more slowly slower more slow slowly Are these nouns singular, plural, or both?

Daily Language Review 19 Thursday Name: Write these sentences correctly. 1. All the students’s lockers are finded on the first floor of the bilding closest to the jim. 2. who taked my lunch from the kitchen Bobbi asked angrily. Circle the object of the underlined preposition. 3. Follow the highway along the river until you get to Morgantown. • Daily Language Review • EMC 2797 WEEK What is the root, or base, word of this word? musician Underline the independent clause in this sentence. 5. When my cousin Trang came from Vietnam, he couldn’t speak any English.

Lois lowry is born in Honolulu Hawaii in 1937, and lived in japan as a teenager. Circle the simple subject and underline the complete subject of this sentence. 3. Her beautiful, soft velvet coat was also very warm. • Daily Language Review • EMC 2797 Daily Language Review WEEK Is this sentence declarative, interrogative, imperative, or exclamatory? 4. There wasn’t anything left in the fridge for dinner. Underline the predicate adjectives in this sentence. 5. The child’s face was sweet and innocent.

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