9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America: And Four Who Tried to by Brion McClanahan

By Brion McClanahan

Of the forty-four presidents who've led the USA, 9 made error that completely scarred the kingdom. Which 9? Brion McClanahan, writer of The Politically wrong advisor to the Founding Fathers and The Founding Fathers' advisor to the structure, will shock readers together with his checklist, which he helps with exhaustive and enjoyable facts. nine Presidents Who Screwed Up the US is a brand new glance again at American historical past that unabashedly locations blame for our nation's present difficulties at the backs of 9 very incorrect males.

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In military terms, and in terms of lost resources, this event was of very little consequence, and it certainly did not spell the immediate end of west Roman power. But Rome, although it had seldom been visited by emperors during the fourth century, remained in the hearts and minds of Romans the City: all freeborn men of the empire were its citizens. Not for eight centuries, since the Gauls had sacked Rome in  , had Rome been captured by barbarians; and on that occasion the pagan gods, and the honking of some sacred geese, had saved the city’s last bastion, the Capitol, from falling to a surprise attack.

The right way to treat hostile barbarians, as shown on the column of Marcus Aurelius in Rome (built at the end of the second century ). Above, captured males are being beheaded, apparently by fellow prisoners acting under duress; below, a woman and child are being led into slavery—while behind them another woman prisoner is stabbed in the chest by a Roman soldier.  ‘The Return of Good Times’ (Fel. Temp. Reparatio), as imagined on a fourthcentury coin: a Roman soldier spears a diminutive barbarian horseman.

27 These dismissive and hostile sentiments were not kept quietly under wraps, for discussion only amongst Romans. The monuments of the empire were covered in representations of barbarians being brutally killed (Fig. ); and one of the commonest designs of copper coin of the fourth century shows Rome’s view of the correct ordering of things—a barbarian being speared to death by a victorious Roman soldier (Fig. ). The invaders must have been fully aware of these Roman sentiments towards them, and it is unlikely that they were wholly unaffected by them.

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