A Long Time Coming. The Inspiring, Combative 2008 Campaign by Staff of Newsweek, Evan Thomas

By Staff of Newsweek, Evan Thomas

In line with in-depth reporting through a different group of Newsweek journalists and written by way of bestselling writer Evan Thomas, A very long time Coming tells the interior tale of Barack Obama’s conquer Senator John McCain to turn into the 1st African-American U.S. president. In juicy aspect, it chronicles the lengthy siege among Obama and Hillary Clinton, the wild journey of John McCain, and the explosive arrival of Sarah Palin. ultimately, it indicates how Obama overcame occasions of vexation and self-doubt to remodel himself from the consummate outsider to the convinced chief of an unstoppable political movement—one that introduced desire and the opportunity of redemption to the U.S..

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Obama gets the Gipper. ” A man with a vivid literary and historical imagination, Obama is something of a dreamer, if a down-to-earth one. As a senator, he saw things that are not there, but once were. “Sometimes, standing there in the chamber, I can imagine Paul Douglas or Hubert Humphrey at one of these desks, urging yet again the adoption of civil-rights legislation; or Joe McCarthy, a few desks over, thumbing through lists, preparing to name names; or LBJ prowling the aisles, grabbing lapels and gathering votes.

Then the candidate found a new narrative: the comeback. LIKE A LOT OF AMERICANS, Barack Obama says his favorite movie is The Godfather. , a little-remembered, highly romanticized 1952 Marlon Brando biopic. The hero of the movie is Emiliano Zapata, the leader of a (briefly) successful peasant revolt in Mexico in the early 1900s. McCain loves the idea of a budget-class, guerrilla-style war against the corrupt establishment. He never got over being nostalgic about his 2000 insurgency against George W.

Combat! First blood! But lost in all the frantic Googling, Nexising and IMing was the larger picture. By overreacting, the Clinton campaigners drew attention to their own misgivings about the former president’s behavior and to Obama’s status as a legitimate contender who could raise big bucks from the Clintons’ own base. Obama himself floated coolly over the whole flap, telling a reporter, “It’s not clear to me why I should be apologizing for someone else’s remarks. My sense is that Mr. ” Before too long, reality set in among Clinton’s staffers, and the finger-pointing began.

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