A Problem Course in Mathematical Logic by Stefan Bilaniuk

By Stefan Bilaniuk

An issue path in Mathematical common sense is meant to function the textual content for an creation to mathematical good judgment for undergraduates with a few mathematical sophistication. It provides definitions, statements of effects, and difficulties, besides a few motives, examples, and tricks. the assumption is for the scholars, separately or in teams, to benefit the fabric through fixing the issues and proving the consequences for themselves. The e-book should still do because the textual content for a path taught utilizing the converted Moore-method.

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6. If M is a structure, then Th(M) is a maximally consistent set of sentences. 1. M = ({5}) is a structure for L= , so Th(M) is a maximally consistent set of sentences. Since it turns out that Th(M) = Th ({ ∀x ∀y x = y }), this also gives us an example of a set of sentences Σ = { ∀x ∀y x = y } such that Th(Σ) is maximally consistent. 7. If Σ is a maximally consistent set of sentences, τ is a sentence, and Σ τ , then τ ∈ Σ. 8. Suppose Σ is a maximally consistent set of sentences and τ is a sentence.

2. Assume, by way of contradiction, that the given set of formulas is inconsistent. Use the Soundness Theorem to show that it can’t be satisfiable. 3. First show that {¬(α → α)} ψ. 4. Note that deductions are finite sequences of formulas. 5. 4. 6. 4. 7. Assume, by way of contradiction, that ϕ ∈ / Σ. 2 and the Deduction Theorem to show that Σ must be inconsistent. 8. 9. 9. 8. 10. 7 and induction on a list of all the formulas of LP . 11. 2. 10, and define a truth assignment v by setting v(An) = T if and only if An ∈ Σ.

10, and define a truth assignment v by setting v(An) = T if and only if An ∈ Σ. Now use induction on the length of ϕ to show that ϕ ∈ Σ if and only if v satisfies ϕ. 12. 11. 13. 11. Part II First-Order Logic CHAPTER 5 Languages As noted in the Introduction, propositional logic has obvious deficiencies as a tool for mathematical reasoning. First-order logic remedies enough of these to be adequate for formalizing most ordinary mathematics. It does have enough in common with propositional logic to let us recycle some of the material in Chapters 1–4.

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