A Thousand Miles Of Stars by Walt McDonald

By Walt McDonald

The various elegance all of us want A West Texas starscape, attractive by means of any degree, is emblematic of Walt McDonald’s plains. A lifelong get together culminates during this, his best—and maybe last—collection of recent poems. At seventy, the poet affirms, we are living through the secret of grace at the same time we watch common stars blink out at sunrise. For he believes "God is familiar with we're airborne dirt and dust / and counts our steps." In "Leaving the center Years," he writes, "At our age, / on a daily basis is grace and each breath / a blessing. existence is grass, stunningly short / yet ample in such a lot of ways." Walt writes approximately heroes—a mom who taught tumbling; friends and family long past to warfare; the courageous at domestic who heal or console; others who rescue from struggle zones as many young children as they could. Heroes, too, are these whose constancy and pleasure locate faces in those poems. looking at crows at sunrise in Montana, a husband thinks of his spouse inside of their mountain cabin: If Ursula unearths extra grey she’ll cross on buzzing, realizing it’s ok, our kids 3 thousand miles away yet effective, after they referred to as final evening. She comes outdoors with espresso, final the door so softly even the crows don’t cease.

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It took a wrecker to free the car again, to haul it off. Five wrecks, each time the last, we decided, but next day she was rational, clear eyed and sorry, and one of us buckled and the alliance broke. Now, how to take keys from Mama’s fist and expect kisses? We all swear fiercely in whispers we’ll take turns driving her gladly day or night, anywhere, always, but Mama, please, it’s time. [ 51 ] In Shallows of the Brazos We taught our children to swim, swing out on ropes and jump, trusting oak limbs to hold them and then let go, the Brazos muddy enough to walk on.

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