Agilent 16517A, 16518A Synchronous State Logic Analyzer

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4–21 The Trigger Menu Creating a User Level Using the Timer The timer is started as the sequence level is entered. If you return to the same sequence level again, the timer will be restarted. If you choose to use the timer in a sequence level, the occurrence counter is not available in that level. Timer/Occurrence counter toggle field Sequence Level Menu with Timer Example The following statement assigns the Timer to count down from 4 ns when the sequence level is entered. Upon exiting previous sequence level: Timer was restarted with a value of 4 ns Example The following statement tells you that if the primary "Find" branch is not taken before the Timer expired, you will take the secondary branch to an immediate Trigger command.

If you answer Yes, you restore these bits to the target system in their previous On (assigned) or Off (not assigned) setting. Acquisition mode field Timing acquisition mode selection Timing Acquisition Mode Selection 3–4 The Format Menu Select Clock Field (State Only) Select Clock Field (State Only) In the State Acquisition mode, the external clock is connected through pod one on the master card. The Select Clock field accesses a selection pop-up from which you select the edge. The edge choices are either rising or falling.

Find too many states between pattern 1 and pattern 2. This macro becomes true when a designated pattern 1 is seen, followed by at least a selected number of states, then followed by a designated pattern 2. It uses two internal sequence levels. Time Violations 1. Find pattern 2 occurring too soon after pattern 1 This macro becomes true when a designated pattern 1 is seen, followed by a designated pattern 2, and with less than a selected time period occurring between the two patterns. It uses two internal sequence levels.

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