Apollo 13 Mission by Judy L. Hasday

By Judy L. Hasday

The 1970 NASA undertaking to the moon grew to become extra dramatic than any fictional tale whilst an explosion at the send positioned the astronauts' lives at risk.

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The lunar excursion module (LM), the vehicle that would actually land on the moon, was designed for flying outside Earth’s atmosphere—specifically, to transport astronauts to and from the moon’s surface. Built by the Grumman Engineering Corporation, the LM was a squat, four-legged craft that looked like an abstract metal sculpture of an enormous insect. Because the LM was not made to function on Earth, its design was not limited by usual engineering constraints such as gravity. Thus, although it was odd-looking, it was a perfectly functional separate spacecraft.

Like Haise, 34-year-old Mattingly had spent countless hours learning everything he could about his vessel. Tall, quiet, and unassuming, Mattingly at first glance did not seem to fit the profile of a rugged naval aviator who had flown aircraft from the carriers Saratoga and Franklin D. Roosevelt. While Lovell and Haise were off on geological field tests, Mattingly studied photography, learning how to take photographs of the moon from the orbiting command module, where he would be while Lovell and Haise were on the surface.

M. EDT that same day, televised coverage showed Armstrong climbing down the LM’s ladder, pushing himself away from the craft, and planting both feet on the moon. ” About 15 minutes later Aldrin stepped onto the moon as well. Armstrong and Aldrin gathered moon samples, set up three experiments, and took scores of photographs. Before they boarded the LM, the two men on the moon unveiled a commemorative plaque of their historic visit and planted an American flag. The race to the moon was over. The United States had triumphed.

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