Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol 39, issue 2, April 2010 by Kenneth J. Zucker (ed.)

By Kenneth J. Zucker (ed.)

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494). The first two of these subtypes, ‘‘lifelong’’ vs. ‘‘acquired’’ and ‘‘generalized’’ vs. ‘‘situational,’’ seem potentially useful for clinical purposes, although it is worth noting that, in epidemiological research, these distinctions have very rarely been made. The recommendation made here would be to retain these distinctions, although rather than include these as ‘‘subtypes’’ they could instead be incorporated as specifiers (discussed further below). The final subtypes, ‘‘Due to Psychological Factors’’ and ‘‘Due to Combined Factors,’’ seem to be less relevant for either clinical or research purposes.

510). Laan and Both suggested that arousal and desire might be distinguished on a phenomenological level in that feelings of arousal might reflect the subjective experience of genital changes, and feelings of desire the ‘‘subjective experience of an action tendency, of a willingness to behave sexually’’ (p. 510). In contrast with men, studies involving clinical samples of women have also demonstrated a significant overlap between the dimensions of desire and arousal. For example, in their evaluation of the FSFI, Rosen et al.

2007). In view of the above, I suggest that Criterion C either be revised to acknowledge the fact that, in the majority of cases, the causes of arousal disorders are (1) multifactorial or (2) cannot be specified, or be deleted altogether. DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic Subtypes As mentioned earlier, DSM-IV provides subtypes to ‘‘indicate the onset, context, and etiological factors associated with the Sexual Dysfunctions’’ (p. 494). The first two of these subtypes, ‘‘lifelong’’ vs. ‘‘acquired’’ and ‘‘generalized’’ vs.

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