Armature Windings of Electric Machines by Horace Field Parshall

By Horace Field Parshall

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With the large of coils used in practice, however, these slight inequalities cause no trouble. number If y were chosen odd, 9 for instance, s would equal 46 or 44. 8=14 This is in 1 y = ^-9 the case of an odd number of coils may given in Fig. 14, number be even. where by the negative brush, and positive brush. ( 1 The of pairs of poles the The diagram 8 = 46, w = 10, tion shown, coils 8, 17, 26, 35, _ or 44. accordance with the observation made above, that in is 1=46 _ / = 9. for this case In the posi- and 44 are short-circuited and 21 by the through the armature are, coils 31, 40, 3, 12, circuits 7-16-25-34-43- 6-15-24-33-42-5-14-23-32-41-4-13-22 45-30-27-18- 9-46-37-28-19-10-1-38-29-20-11-2-39-30 giving, as in ture.

The most important advantage of the double winding is that the current is commutated at two different parts of the bearing surface of the brush each independent volume of current being, therefore, only one-half of what it would ; be for a single winding. The importance Another important feature of this feature has in practice been found to be very great. that the successive commutator bars of one winding are winding not adjacent to each other, but alternate with the bars of the other winding the two windings being put in parallel by the use of wide brushes.

Long-connection" type, in which coils twice as far apart are connected together. This distinguishes it from the ARMATURE WINDINGS OF ELECTRIC MACHINES. 24 [CHAP. in. Figure 12 represents one of the most practicable two-circuit windings for multipolar-ring armatures. be designated as the long-connection type of the two-circuit gramme winding, and one of its chief advantages is, that no great differences of potential exist between adjacent coils. It may In the figure is shown the case of a four-pole, two-circuit, single-wound, long-connection ring armature.

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