[Article] Activation of Hindbrain Neurons Is Mediated by by MaryAnn Bohland, Aleksey V. Matveyenko, Maziyar Saberi,

By MaryAnn Bohland, Aleksey V. Matveyenko, Maziyar Saberi, Arshad M. Khan, Alan G. Watts, Casey M. Donovan

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The transitions should be compared with those in (Na, K)NbO, (remark of the compiler). See also oom. a3) [68Jl] reported the high symmetry form to be 42m, which is unlikely to be correct and conflicts with most other work (remark of the compiler). a4) Hexagonal BaTi03 converts to cubic at 1460°C (1733 K) with decreasing temperature [55R2]. a’) The low temperature symmetry is assumed by the compiler to be 2. [89Il] proposes on theoretical grounds that it is mm2. n6) y-Nylon I1 is nonpolar, pseudo hexagonal.

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