Astronomy with your Personal Computer by Peter Duffett-Smith

By Peter Duffett-Smith

The 1st version of this very winning ebook was once a winner of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's "Astronomy booklet of the 12 months" award in 1986. the recognition of the book's courses is predicated at the ease with which the beginner astronomer can practice calculations on a private computing device. The workouts aren't particular to any make of laptop and are user-oriented in that they make the most of an easy model of the fundamental programming language and require just a vast figuring out of any specific challenge. Seven new subroutines during this new version should be associated in any blend with the present twenty-six. because the courses themselves look after information, they are often used, for instance, to calculate the time of emerging of any of the planets in any a part of the area at any time sooner or later or previous, or they are used to discover the circumference of the following sunlight eclipse seen from a specific position. in truth, virtually each challenge more likely to be encountered via the beginner astronomer might be solved through an appropriate blend of the workouts given during this ebook. Peter Duffett-Smith is the writer of one other well known astronomy e-book: Astronomy along with your Calculator (3rd Edition), additionally released via Cambridge collage Press.

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Hours ahead of zone time (DS) 70 . . time zone (TZ=0 for UT zone) 80 85 95 . . geographical longitude ( G L ) . . . in decimal degrees via MINSEC . . geographical latitude ( G P ) . . 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 Q$="Daylight saving (H ahead of zone t) PRINT : PRINT Q$; : INPUT DS Q$="Time zone (hours; West negative) ... PRINT Q$; : INPUT TZ Q$="Geog. ) .... PRINT Q$; : INPUT XD,XM,XS SW(1)=-1 : GOSUB 1000 : GL=X Q$="Geog. ) PRINT Q$; : INPUT XD,XM,XS SW(1)=-1 : GOSUB 1000 : GP=FNM(X) 105 110 115 IF FL(3)=1 THEN PRINT : GOTO 120 Q$="Calendar date (D,M,Y) PRINT : PRINT Q$; : INPUT DY,MN,YR 120 IF SH=1 THEN GOTO 140 125 130 135 Q$="Local civil time (H,M,S) PRINT Q$; : INPUT XD,XM,XS SW(1)=-1 : GOSUB 1000 : TM=X 140 Call TIME to convert to sidereal 145 ER(1)=1 if date is impossible 150 Don't repeat ourselves, otherwise .

Convert hour angle to H ,M, S form with M I N S E C . . and display i t . . . neatly Get the declination... 270 310 315 320 325 335 . . in radians; convert hour angle to radians 340 345 Call EQHOR to find azimuth and altitude Convert azimuth to D,M,S form . . 355 . . and display it 360 Convert altitude to D ,M, S f o r m . . 370 .. and display it 375 Another conversion? 0) 340 GOSUB 1500 : P=FND(P) : Q=FND(Q) 345 350 355 360 365 370 X=P : NC=9 : SW(l)=l : GOSUB 1000 Q$="Azimuth (D,M,S; N=0) PRINT Q$+OP$ X=Q : GOSUB 1000 Q$="Altitude (D,M,S) ' PRINT Q$+OP$ 375 380 385 390 Q$=MAgain (Y or N) PRINT : GOSUB 960 IF E=0 THEN STOP IF FL(4)=0 THEN GOTO 50 " 395 400 405 410 415 420 Q$="Same place (Y or N) GOSUB 960 : FL(4)=E Q$ = "Same date (Y or N) GOSUB 960 : FL(3)=E Q$="Same time (Y or N) GOSUB 960 : SH=E : GOTO 50 " " " " " " INCLUDE YESNO, MINSEC, JULDAY, TIME, EQHOR, HRANG 49 1600 HRANG Example Altitudes and azimuths Daylight saving (H ahead of zone t) Time zone (hours; West negative) ...

To overcome this problem, CALDAY uses its own least-integer function FNL(W), which must be defined by the handling program. Execution of the routine is controlled by the flag FL(2). This flag must be set to 0 by the calling program when calling the routine for thefirsttime, or whenever a new value of DJ is to be converted. The routine itself sets the flag to 1 each time it makes a calculation (line 1270). If, subsequently, the routine is called again with FL(2) = 1, then control is returned immediately to the calling program (line 1200) without calculation of a new date.

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