Atlas of Anatomy (2nd Edition)

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The new most fulfilling for studying anatomy...
Atlas of Anatomy, moment variation, is the fundamental source for a person learning gross anatomy. jam-packed with over 2,400 full-color illustrations, this atlas publications you step by step via every one area of the physique, aiding you grasp the main points of anatomy.

Key Features:

Exquisite full-color illustrations with transparent, thorough labeling and descriptive captions
Even extra medical correlations aid scholars make the relationship among anatomy and medicine
Coverage of every zone intuitively prepared to simplify studying: starting with the skeletal framework, then including muscle tissues, organs, vasculature, and nerves, and concluding with topographic illustrations that positioned all of it together
Over a hundred and seventy tables summarize key anatomic details for ease of analysis and review
Innovative, undemanding layout within which each one two-page unfold is a self-contained advisor to a topic
Surface anatomy spreads now contain areas and reference strains or planes as well as landmarks and palpable buildings to strengthen actual examination skills
Muscle truth spreads excellent for memorization, reference, and assessment set up the necessities approximately muscular tissues, together with foundation, insertion, innervation, and action
New sectional anatomy spreads on the finish of devices construct familiarity with 2nd perspectives of anatomic regions
Access to PLUS, with over 500 pictures from the booklet for labels-on and labels-off evaluate and timed self-tests for examination education

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The tectorial membrane is a broadened expansion of the posterior longitudinal ligament. 12 10:09 Fig. 28 Ligaments of the cervical spine Sella turcica Apical ligament of the dens Hypoglossal canal Tectorial membrane Occipital bone, basilar part External occipital protuberance Anterior atlanto-occipital membrane Anterior arch of atlas (C1) Maxilla Dens of axis (C2) Transverse ligament of atlas Longitudinal fascicles Posterior atlanto-occipital membrane Posterior arch of atlas, posterior tubercle 2 Bones, Ligaments & Joints Sphenoid sinus Nuchal ligament Ligamenta flava Facet joint capsule Vertebral arch Intervertebral disk Intervertebral foramen Spinous process Anterior longitudinal ligament Interspinous ligament Posterior longitudinal ligament Supraspinous ligament C7 vertebral body (vertebra prominens) A  Midsagittal section, left lateral view.

Posterior rami) Extends cervical and lumbar spines ⑦ Interspinales cervicis C1–C7 (between spinous processes of adjacent vertebrae) ⑧ Interspinales lumborum L1–L5 (between spinous processes of adjacent vertebrae) Intertransversarii anteriores cervicis C2–C7 (between anterior tubercles of adjacent vertebrae) ⑨ Intertransversarii posteriores cervicis C2–C7 (between posterior tubercles of adjacent vertebrae) Bilateral: Stabilizes and extends the cervical and lumbar spines ⑩ Intertransversarii mediales lumborum L1–L5 (between mammillary processes of adjacent vertebrae) Unilateral: Bends the cervical and lumbar spines laterally to same side ⑪ Intertransversarii laterales lumborum L1–L5 (between transverse processes of adjacent vertebrae) ⑫ Levatores costarum breves ⑬ Levatores costarum longi Costal angle of next lower rib C7–T11 (transverse processes) Costal angle of rib two vertebrae below Spinal nn.

Fig. 3 Nerves of the back Cross section of the vertebral column and spinal cord with surrounding musculature, superior view. Esophagus Sympathetic ganglion Aorta Inner layer, arachnoid mater Outer layer, dura mater White and gray rami communicantes Meningeal ramus Medial cutaneous ramus Lateral cutaneous branch Anterior root Spinal ganglion Posterior roots Spinal n. 12 10:09 Right side, posterior view. Like the back, the nuchal region receives most of its motor and sensory innervation from the posterior rami of the spinal nerves.

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