Atlas of Clinical Hematology by L. Heilmeyer, H. Begemann

By L. Heilmeyer, H. Begemann

-Enhanced sixth version comprises extra illustrations and documented figures -A ideal reference for hematological and oncological departments and the clincal labortory -Classified findings from the realm healthiness association

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Red cell sickling also occurs in the less common HbC disease. Knizocytes (triconcave erythrocytes) (Fig. 6 e) occur mainly in hemolytic anemias. ” Stomatocytes (Fig. 6 f) have a slitlike central lucency. They are found in the very rare hereditary stomatocytosis and in other anemias. Schizocytes (fragmentocytes) (Fig. 6 g) result from the fragmentation of erythrocytes, consisting either of a fragmented red cell or a fragment detached from such a cell. They resemble bits of broken egg shell. , in hemolytic uremic syndrome) as fast-flowing red cells are sliced apart by fibrin filaments.

The band neutrophil (Fig. 8 e) is distinguished from the metamyelocyte by its smaller and more coarsely structured nucleus. Its cytoplasm and granules are like those of metamyelocytes. Constrictions begin to appear in the nucleus, but the cell is not classified as a segmented form until the bridge between two nuclear lobes is filiform or less than one-third the width of the adjacent lobes. The nuclear lobes of the segmented neutrophil (Fig. 8 b, c, g) present a coarse, clumped chromatin structure.

13 a – d a b c d IV 56 Chapter IV · Blood and Bone Marrow Fig.

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